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remove carbon from (an engine)

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Tenders are invited for Repairs to corroded cope points and decarbonizing and servicing to the operational jetty pillar boxes at Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam.
The first product to be introduced under the new division is the Carbon Tune Premium Engine Decarbonizing and Fuel System Cleaning Kit, a three-step chemical cleaning kit offered to shops specializing in quick service oil changes.
Tenders are invited for Contact details : Maintenance and repairs to battery banks and LT capacitor banks including decarbonizing LT panels at Old Dockyard marine sub stations at ND (V)
Day two includes Branson's presenting "Business Strategies for Decarbonizing the Economy"; environmental activist Adam Werbach's presenting "Internalizing Sustainability in Businesses"; environmentalist and businessman Paul Hawken presenting "Brazil and the Dynamics of Sustainability" and Hawken and Werbach discussing "How to do Business in Favor of the Planet.
The three-step service includes cleaning the air intake, decarbonizing engine components and adding a fuel conditioner.
Decarbonizing transport can be achieved through a mix of infrastructure development, technology and funding/pricing mechanisms.