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remove carbon from (an engine)

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It indicates priority areas for future PDC action, including: developing investment tools and solutions that enable investors to decarbonize their portfolios without compromising investment performance; developing the investment case for decarbonization; strengthening corporate and investor reporting; and improving understanding of the contribution that portfolio decarbonization can make to the goal of a low carbon, climate resilient economy and the time frames over which this contribution can be made.
To make the grid 'smarter' and capable of addressing the need to decarbonize generation sources and enable end-user energy efficiency, utilities will have to improve observability and controllability of their networks, while transforming them into geodesic structures that intersperse a variety of distributed energy resources--some owned and operated by consumers," according to Zarko Sumic, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, Inc.
As a technology leader and the world's largest producer of renewable diesel, Neste encourages governments and businesses to embrace the opportunity that sustainably produced advanced biofuels provide to decarbonize fuels on our roads, skies and seas.
As we look to further decarbonize our fleet and push to develop and deploy these advanced technologies on a larger scale, initiatives like the National Carbon Capture Center will bring us closer to meeting the challenges of global climate change and transitioning to an environmentally sustainable energy future," said NRG President and CEO David Crane.
Given the infrastructure challenges of the 21st century it is now essential for Ofgem to evolve its network pricing model to address the growing need to decarbonize the UK economy.
As the need to decarbonize the power sector has been widely recognized, much attention has been paid to how this would be done.