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remove carbon from (an engine)

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First, a city may have a false sense that it has created a small- scale demonstration of perfected decarbonization, when in fact nothing of the sort has happened.
This book examines the political economy of the electricity sector in the context of progressive capitalism, economic development, and decarbonization.
According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance's 2016 New Energy Outlook, "cheaper coal and cheaper gas will not derail the transformation and decarbonization of the world's power systems.
These include clean electrification, decarbonization of "hard-to-electrify" sectors, speeding up the pace of improvement in energy production and optimizing the use of Earth's remaining fossil fuels.
The decarbonization of the electric grid is going to continue regardless of what's happening in Washington, D.
According to a report from the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project, a global collaboration of energy research teams committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their own countries, 100 percent of all light-duty vehicles in Canada would need to go fully electric by 2050 if we have any hope of meeting our national commitments under the Paris climate agreement.
Before last year's conference, the United Nations reported that "portfolio decarbonization is on track", and insisted that "measuring assets' carbon footprint must become common practice.
Taking into account the magnitude of China's electricity production and coal-oriented electric power system, low-carbon energy advancement is a key driver for the decarbonization of worldwide electricity production.
If they take the time to look beyond ETS allowance balances of an industry climbing out of an especially deep trough, Sandbag accountants will see how cement producers and their customers are capably advancing a decarbonization agenda on market terms.
The good old days are coming to an end for carbon in Ontario, and a new age of decarbonization dawns in 2017.
And that through strategic partnerships local firms can co-develop projects that support decarbonization and demonstrate regional leadership in future energy.
The differences in the estimates depend on assumptions about whether countries will speed up their rates of decarbonization.
Riahi, "Energy security under decarbonization scenarios: an assessment framework and evaluation under different technology and policy choices," Energy Policy, vol.
Achieving global decarbonization requires a lot more.
The Manifesto calls for people to support a fully sustainable energy economy in 20 years, in a way that respects Indigenous rights, against powerful interests that would resist decarbonization.