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remove carbon from (an engine)

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The success of the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition (PDC) is a clear signal that leading investors are recognizing the inherent risk that climate change poses to their portfolios," said Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme and UN Under-Secretary-General.
Taking into consideration the importance of physical characteristics of the solid phase in the heterogeneous gas--solid interactions, porosity and pore size distribution of several limestone samples as well as their changes at decarbonization and sulphation were determined.
Increasing consumers' access to grid data will promote smarter energy usage and enable residential and small commercial energy customers to play an integral role in the decarbonization of the power sector.
With Blue Hydrogen, Air Liquide is moving towards a gradual decarbonization of its hydrogen production dedicated to energy applications.
The signal that the tide is finally turning, and that deep decarbonization is coming soon.
According to the scientific consensus, climate stabilization requires full decarbonization of our energy systems and zero net greenhouse-gas emissions by around 2070.
On the sidelines of the Paris Climate Change Conference, the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition (PDC) formally announced its two newest members and released its first annual report describing the decarbonization strategies of its members and suggesting priorities for future action.
5 degrees warming threshold into a legally binding global agreement with five-year reviews; by 2050 achieve complete decarbonization and 100-percent renewable energy access for all; fulfill commitments to the Green Climate Fund; and prevent threats to human rights, particularly those related to food, land and water.
A powerful decarbonization and climate protection strategy, RNG is made from biogases generated as wastewater, agricultural waste, and food and yard waste decompose.
All funds appear woefully undercapitalized, with potentially devastating impacts to both decarbonization and preparedness.
Bioethanol is an important player in the decarbonization of the transport sector.
These actions "are part of the longer range effort to achieve the deep decarbonization of the global economy over time.
Latin, Climate Change Mitigation and Decarbonization, 25 Vill.
However, such a decision would also likely lead to higher demand for gas and coal, higher electricity prices, increased import dependency on fossil fuels and electricity, and a more difficult path toward decarbonization.