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remove carbon from (an engine)

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Since the previous in-depth review in 2011, Denmark has made impressive progress towards decarbonising its energy sector while maintaining robust security of supply.
The aim of this centre, which was announced in May and begins operating on the Science Central site in September, is to examine ways of decarbonising the whole energy system - transport, power, heating and industry.
Britain will reduce its carbon emissions with new technologies to carbonise power stations and decarbonising industry as well.
The resolution, adopted by the assembly on 14 March, highlights the importance of the heating and cooling sector in decarbonising the European energy market.
But the entire Government is working within the parameters of the carbon budget, which sets the pace for decarbonising our economy, and there is no-one in Government who wants to depart from that.
The initiative, which is now entering a new phase of research, provides a clear policy framework for rapidly decarbonising the UK.
We need to make very quick progress in decarbonising our power industry.
At SSE we look for an approach that strikes a balance between maintaining controls on cost for consumers, investing in people and developing a smarter energy system while continuing the UKs progress in decarbonising its electricity and heat supply.
Viewing the parties' policies through the prism of the energy trilemma - decarbonising the energy system, keeping prices down and keeping the lights on - then there's little doubt that the left of centre parties come out ahead on the decarbonisation point.
Reducing demand would cut billions from the cost of decarbonising the electricity sector at the same time as keeping the lights on, as less power generation and infrastructure would need to be built.
Whilst supporting the main conclusions - as to the possibility of decarbonising the power sector by 2050 - the source had reservations about the comparative costs analysis in the report.
With decarbonising transport now a major theme in the Europe 2020' strategy - the European Commission's work programme and a new white paper on a Common Transport Policy for 2010-2020 - the EU executive is setting up an expert group on future transport fuels.
At the 23rd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which is being held in Bonn (Germany), ACCIONA has urged companies to make a determined shift towards decarbonising their production models.
Brett Askew, the NFU's farmer expert on biofuels and Crop Board chairman for the North East of England, said: "Legislators have clearly been bullied into this U-turn by a series of environmental and social pressure groups that, until recently, stood shoulder to shoulder with industry and praised the potential contribution of biofuels in decarbonising the transport sector.