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remove carbon from (an engine)

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Riccardo Puliti, managing director for energy at the EBRD said, Via the investment in this fund, we want to capture an increasing number of projects and lead the transition to a more decarbonised energy mix.
Last week the European Commission released its 'Roadmap to a low carbon society' which outlined the need for a "fully decarbonised power sector" by 2050.
This explains why the ZCA Plan identifies a 60/40 mix of concentrated solar thermal (CST) power and large-scale wind developments as the backbone of a decarbonised energy system.
The report, published by the Centre for Alternative Technology, presents a picture of an economy that is so thoroughly decarbonised that what carbon emissions remain - around 10% of today's levels - are balanced by sequestration, leaving net emissions at zero.
Paul Withrington of Transport Watch said: "The government should re-examine their assumptions and should not encourage this until they have decarbonised the generating industry.
For emissions to be reduced to around 2T per capita in 2050, most of the worlds' electricity production will need to have been decarbonised, while emissions from transport, land-use, buildings and industry will need to be cut sharply.