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A calcareous soil and a decarbonated terra rosa were selected in the terrace system of the Oja River (42[degrees]30'5"N, 2[degrees]54'55"W) in the semi-arid Mediterranean Ebro Valley (Spain).
Macroaggregation in the calcareous soil and the decarbonated terra rosa
Carbonated and decarbonated pH were highly correlated and negatively correlated to mouth coating.
Samples are first decarbonated with HCI vapor (excess removed with NaOH pellets), and then flash heated in a stream of oxygen at 340 [degrees[C for 2 h to remove OC.
Team 10, using T340, found decarbonated EC/TC values of: 0.
Mov'eo's collaborative projects focus on seven strategic activity domains: the environmental impact of vehicles, ICE powertrains, demonstrators and decarbonated vehicles, mechatronic systems for vehicle electrification, reversible and embedded energy storage systems & interfaces, road safety and mobility solutions.
Then, the decarbonated oil shale was mixed with the twofold-volume mixed acid, which was prepared by the addition of 6 mol/L HCl and 5 wt% HF (volume ratio 1:1), and treated as before.
Toluene, n-hexane, methanol, chloroform and carbon disulfide were selected as solvents for extracting hydrocarbons from the decarbonated and silicate-free oil shale.
The Le Vallonet limestone pieces, partially decarbonated, are occasionally extremely fragile.
The decarbonated oil shale was dried, washed with a mixture of HC1/HF (1:1) at 343 K under a nitrogen atmosphere.
Ribesalbes oil shales were previously decarbonated using 5N hydrochloric acid.