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Synonyms for decapitate



Synonyms for decapitate

cut the head of

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Now comes Lieberman's latest response after Zoabi compared air force pilots to decapitators from the Islamic State.
The women, for example, are decapitators (see Madame Defarge's beheading of the governor [II.
Like the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Salafis in Kuwait and other Arab countries are affiliated with Al-Qaeda and with those in Iraq - like Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi's group of suicide bombers and decapitators.
Killing and being killed has a certain Homeric dignity--Aristotle was the tutor of Alexander, and they were all for that sort of thing--but look at that boiling, oily swarm of mercenaries, profiteers, kidnappers, gangsters, looters, decapitators, child-bombers, spinmeisters, misogynist canaille.