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having had the head cut off


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Keeping up the metaphor of the political guillotine, the whole may be considered as the POSTHUMOUS PAPERS OF A DECAPITATED SURVEYOR: and the sketch which I am now bringing to a close, if too autobiographical for a modest person to publish in his lifetime, will readily be excused in a gentleman who writes from beyond the grave.
A ROBBER who had plundered a Merchant of one thousand pieces of gold was taken before the Cadi, who asked him if he had anything to say why he should not be decapitated.
He could see him, as he had last seen him, stripped of the shot-gun and all the naturalist's gear of his master, lying on the narrow trail where he had been decapitated barely the moment before.
When the insect was decapitated the rings remained uninterruptedly bright, but not so brilliant as before: local irritation with a needle always increased the vividness of the light.
If I was under sentence of decapitation, and was about to be instantly decapitated, and an express arrived with a pardon for the condemned convict Grewgious if he wrote a play, I should be under the necessity of resuming the block, and begging the executioner to proceed to extremities,--meaning,' said Mr.
Mrs Verloc closed her eyes desperately, throwing upon that vision the night of her eyelids, where after a rainlike fall of mangled limbs the decapitated head of Stevie lingered suspended alone, and fading out slowly like the last star of a pyrotechnic display.
He was decapitated by the sheer force of stopping so quickly.
A DECISION by police to display pictures of a decapitated Liverpool biker has angered the home secretary.
Until someone realizes that the decapitated corpses left in his wake aren't really well-made holiday decorations.
Frankie Brohm was decapitated when he leaned his head out of the moving car's window to be sick.
Finally, a haggard seafarer, perhaps the ghost of the boy, his avenging father, or maybe the boy-as-man, stands on a peg leg beside three decapitated canines.
A company director cycling to work along a Birmingham canal towpath claims he was almost decapitated by a wire trap.
Detective Chief Inspector Glen Fitzgerald confirmed that the victim was decapitated.
WHEN it comes to dealing with tragedy, Decapitated have had more than their share.
Summary: Five members of a family have been found guilty over the death of a man whose decapitated body was found in a lake.