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Synonyms for decant


Synonyms for decant

to cause (a liquid) to flow in a steady stream

Synonyms for decant

pour out


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In addition, a court proceeding to change the place of administration of a trust is likely to be successful in the absence of decanting, where there is no contrary intent expressed in the trust instrument and the administration of the trust will be facilitated and the interest of the beneficiaries promoted.
For a detailed discussion of the issues in this area, see "The Mechanics of Decanting," by Audrey Young, J.
Decanting statutes have proliferated over the past three years.
Hospital reconstruction is not the only scenario where planning for the decanting of patients and moving of services are necessary.
When wine is being opened on the early side, decanting is the way to go.
Decanting wine is the simple act of pouring the wine out of the bottle and into another container.
MEMS will supply an integrated "Intelligent Filtration System" composed of a Smart Backflush Filtration System with an integral electronic decanting system, a carbon bed filter and an ion-exchange resin bed system.
A few days back, a cylinder blast during illegal decanting had injured several people but the administration has failed to shut illegal gas cylinder shops.
Contract notice: The supply and installation of Decanting (Removals) and Environmental Disposal to Hampshire County Council, other members of the central buying Consortium and other contracting authorities.
The SHOs have also been directed to submit their progress report regarding action against gas decanting to the CPO Office on daily basis, the spokesman added.
The process consisted of loading the mobile unit with the gold concentrate, adding HGP lixiviant, rotating the drum for a approximately three hours, then vertically articulating the drum and decanting by gravity.
Decanting Sonoma County is a by-invitation association of exceptional wineries, hotels and restaurants, which are promoted to wine enthusiasts and collectors through a multi-pronged marketing program.
It's made from old Shiraz vines grown in Victoria, Australia, and decanting is recommended before serving, as it will throw a heavy sediment.
After ignoring the problem for about six months -- initially suspecting it resulted from technician errors -- "I finally got the bright idea of decanting the [culture] medium" in which the cells grew, Weichselbaum says.
As well as a free comprehensive site survey and development of lubrication reports showing daily or weekly lubrication jobs, the ROCOLcare programme now comprises production and installation of signage across manufacturing sites indicating relevant product and application requirements; equipment labelling for lubrication ease and preferential rates with national registered waste disposal and bespoke decanting and lubrication equipment companies.