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the act of gently pouring off a clear liquor (as from its original bottle) without disturbing the lees

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Purification is usually a conventional treatment including coagulation, decantation, filtration, and disinfection with chlorine or ozone, or UV, or chlorine dioxide.
A perfunctory decantation is the antidote to the faint scent of socks in the air.
The volatile extracts were collected by simple decantation and dried over anhydrous sodium sulphate.
Diatom samples were digested in hydrogen peroxide until the organic matter was oxidized, followed by removing fine and coarse mineral particles by repeated decantation.
We have had the best success with a collection method utilizing less than 350 mm Hg suction pressure, cannulas no smaller than 3 mm in a closed system under sterile technique, with decantation rather than centrifugation.
Une decantation progressive cede doucement des details, dans la profondeur obscure du temps:
advances to the five stage counter current decantation (CCD) circuit.
Fertilized eggs were washed 5 times using a decantation of 20[degrees]C filtered seawater, and were kept in separate containers at 15-20[degrees]C until hatching.
Ces interpretations different quelque peu des travaux precedents, ou l'accent avait ete mis sur l'importance de l'ecoulement magmatique, et la decantation et la flottation de cristaux.
This high speed completely settled clay particles at the bottom and ensured that no loss of fine particles took place from decantation of the supernatant solution.
In such situation even with the bridging facility for refuelling that is provided by the Oil Management Committee, serious concerns remains such as bridging stocks 7000 metric ton per day as delivery through bridging requires additional time due to tank lorry decantation for example a minimum of 2 days is required for pumping 500 metric ton that too without electricity failures to airport hydrant line.
Agri-industrialization refers to activities in the Honey House such as centrifugation, filtering, decantation for 48 hours, stocking, classifying, packaging and labelling.