decanoic acid

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a fatty acid found in animal oils and fats


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2] filler; these vary in terms of the aliphatic chain length and include decanoic acid [C-10], stearic acid [C-18], behenic acid (C-22) and an acid-group terminated polyethylene (ATPE) of molecular weight 5000 g/mol.
The other samples (fatty-acid coated fillers) show an intermediate response, but the most striking feature is the retention of ductile-mode impact failure observed in the specimen containing filler coated by 6% decanoic acid.
Decanoic acid (the shortest chain coating considered) produces the highest levels of PE crystallinity, whil e behenic acid (the longest of the 'short chain' coatings) induces levels of crystallinity lower than that in the compound containing uncoated filler.
For example, decanoic acid induces the highest levels of PE crystallinity (Fig.
The coating of lowest molar mass was decanoic acid (with ten carbon atoms along the aliphatic chain, hence "C10"), and the longest-chain coating was an acid-terminated polyethylene (ATPE) of molecular weight 5000 g/mol.
A premixing period of five minutes was therefore used for decanoic acid coatings, whereas three minutes was sufficient for fillers modified by the other coatings, which were less sensitive to this effect owing to their higher melting temperatures.
The optimum coating times were determined to be 40 minutes for decanoic acid, 60 minutes for stearic acid and 70 minutes (approx.
Most of the identified compounds in Estonian chamomile oil have been reported previously; however, 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene and decanoic acid were not mentioned in the literature [1-11].
Monitoring octanoic and decanoic acids in plasma from children with intractable epilepsy treated with medium-chain triglyceride diet.