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a metric unit of length equal to ten meters

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It seems obvious that the contact between limestones and turbidites has undergone relative displacement: small scale overthrust indications (shear zones in the detrital sediments, small decametric overthrusts) can be observed quite often.
The Nostradamus radar, designed and developed by ONERA, operates in the decametric wavelengths and uses the reflection of high-frequency waves off the ionosphere in a mirror-effect technique for a range beyond the horizon (up to two thousand kilometers) unlike conventional radars that are limited by the earth's curvature.
Minor folds on a decametric scale in the hinge zone occasionally are affected by west-directed thrusts (Fig.
The BIF horizon of the Amaruk zone is affected by D2 and D3 folds and shear zones that are repeating, thickening and thinning the body on a metric to decametric scale.
The Upper Triassic magmatism of the northwestern Iberian Chain is represented by sills of decametric thickness cropping out in two sectors: Cameros and Moncayo.
10b), the Torre Endomenech and La Valltorta faults, produce decametric offset of the G3 pediments (Simon, 1982).
It is ochre to reddish in colour and consists of metric to decametric wide lenses, some centimetres to few decimetres thick beds (Fig.