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lose calcium or calcium compounds

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remove calcium or lime from

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Conclusions: Decalcifying human heart valves in vitro conditions with citric acid without an adverse change to the morphology of the valvular tissue specimens is meaningful.
4,7) Owing to an acidic and decalcifying effect on tooth enamel, these swabs are no longer generally used for the provision of oral care in intensive care patients.
The section was then fixed in formalin overnight, rinsed with tap water and decalcified in a decalcifying acid mixture.
Its stainless-steel-lined heating system avoids contact with aluminum and reduces the need for decalcifying.
This process entails removing a front tooth, decalcifying the tooth, cutting it in half, slicing it, dying it, and counting the rings, or almuli, under a microscope.
This section was fixed in 10% formalin then decalcified by using a commercial decalcifying agent (RDO, Apex Engineering Products Corporation, Calvert City, Kentucky).
Multiple types of calcified tissue have created problems for morphological studies due to the length of traditional protocols and the typical acidic environments of decalcifying solutions.
This heating system eliminates any contact with aluminum, reduces decalcifying and brews up to 50% more quietly than most coffee makers.
But to claim that seriality counteracts Johnson's intentions of decalcifying readers' perceptions is not to argue that he uses the motif unwittingly.
Managers of the histology section, about to buy a decalcifying solution, reviewed the cost of reagents and changed vendors.