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Antonyms for decalcify

lose calcium or calcium compounds

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remove calcium or lime from

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Procedure * Decalcify with sodium citrate and formic acid for 48 h; change solution every 24 h.
Schurgers believes that a 150-microgram dose of MK-7 is the minimum amount needed to build bone and decalcify arteries.
Dezcal Activated Descaler--Designed to breakdown and remove the mineral build-up that can impact the performance of your coffeemaker, Dezcal is a citric acid based, non-toxic, biodegradable descaler solution used to decalcify brewers, espresso machines, pod and capsule machines.
Phosphate-free Lil' Bowl Blue contains lactic acid to deep dean, deodorize and decalcify porcelain, while Le Scrub contains finely-milled marble that removes scum, grime and hard water stains from bathroom surfaces.
The new tanks will be used in a new process to decalcify raw sugar syrup.
Unlike McKenna et al, who used embedded material, [30] we did not fixate and decalcify the bone specimens, which is necessary for histologic examinations.