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lose calcium or calcium compounds

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remove calcium or lime from

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We suggest that students quantify changes in the decalcified eggs prior to and following exposure to hypertonic (corn syrup) and hypotonic (distilled water) environments by carefully massing the eggs, preferably with an electronic balance, and using water displacement to determine egg volume.
For glycosaminoglycan (GAG), uronic acid and sialic acid analysis, 50 mg of velvet antler sample was decalcified in 1 ml 0.
6c), demonstrates that at least the lower part of the sampled deposits consists of decalcified sediments.
Investigators have used a multitude of different definitions and diagnostic criteria in studying this disease; for example: one or more lesions (defined as decalcified lesions, decay, and fillings) in the maxillary incisors (all surfaces) [Lopez et al.
The samples were placed in 10 % formalin and then in nitric acid in order for the bone to be decalcified and softened.
Tissues were fixed in 10% neutralized-buffered formalin, decalcified with 10% formic acid for 14 d and embedded in paraffin.
A second subsample was partially decalcified with 5% EDTA, then critical-point dried.
Histochemical procedure for collagen assessment: Decalcified paraffin bone sections were dewaxed and stained with Picro Sirius Red (a solution of 1 % Sirius Red or Direct Red 80 in saturated aqueous solution of picric acid).
Distal femur from the rabbit knee joints were fixed in 10% buffered formalin, decalcified in TBD-2 solution (ThermoShandan, Pittsburg, California), and embedded in paraffin blocks.
This technology detects mineral loss in enamel by measuring the light reflectance and refracation difference of infrared light on decalcified enamel as compared to healthy enamel.
This requires very fine mist in order not to cause blisters on the inner surface of the pipe, and the water has to be decalcified first to prevent plugging of small nozzles.
For patients who have a history of decalcified enamel, you hope for a remineralization through the use of fluoride rinses," continued Gangi, who sometimes varies from his usual product lineup with a non-alcohol product such as Crest ProHealth rinse.
The limited biochemical and histopathologic parameters used in this study were, we think, sufficient to demonstrate the harmless effect of CA on tissue integrity as it decalcified the valvular tissue.
3 g/t Au starting at 427 m depth in the RMT zone, consisting of sheared siltstone and chert of the upper plate, which immediately overlies decalcified calc-siltstone of the Roberts Mountains Formation of the lower plate.
Vegetation includes Atlantic moss dominated dunes (mainly Tortula ruralis) as well as dune grassland (with a distinct organic soil layer) belonging to the Cladonio-Koelerietalia syntaxon in case of lime rich grey dune, and to the Trifolio-Festucetalia ovinae syntaxon in case of decalcified grey dunes (Provoost et al.