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loss of calcium from bones or teeth

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Factors predictive of tumor growth, tumor decalcification, choroidal neovascularization, and visual outcome in 74 eyes with choroidal osteoma.
Its major devices include ultrasonic decalcification instruments, tissue processing instruments, freezing microtome, cryostats, linear staining systems, staining systems, robotic coverslippers, and cytology screening systems.
Its histolological examination is recommended even if decalcification is required.
The base plate was then incubated in a decalcification solution containing 1% paraformaldehyde and 5% ethylene-diaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) at 4 [degrees]C.
Because of the decalcification of C-S-H gel, the CC surface became soft and got disconnected thus revealing the interior layers to corrosion.
Acidophilic, acellular and amorphous material, interspersed with small voids, which may correspond to areas where there were hydroxyapatite crystals that were lost in decalcification.
The decalcifying solutions are selected based on following parameters, rate of decalcification and the effect of decalcifying agents on the tissue and its staining characteristics.
GnRH agonists were the only treatment indicated for uterine myomatosis until recently, but patients could experience hot flushes and bone decalcification after treatments longer than 2-3 months because of the estrogen levels suppression [5].
Blocks were fixed in 10 % buffered formalin, followed by decalcification in sodium citrate and formic acid solution.
These include; the potential of the food to: produce acids that lower the salivary pH and provide an environment for bacterial growth and decalcification of enamel, adhere to the teeth, stimulate saliva production, buffer the production of acids and the rate at which a food dissolves.
Decalcification was performed by 5% nitric acid solution at room temperature (18-22[degrees]C) for 7-14 days.
The most common reasons for the failure of DISF1 in our cases were related to decalcification and technical issues.
The expression of the commonly used PAA immunohistochemical markers PSA, PsAP, P501S, ERG and pancytokeratin may be decreased or lost in poorly-differentiated tumours, advanced stage disease, and/or effects of bone marrow decalcification procedure.
Effectiveness of a fluoride-releasing sealant in reducing decalcification during orthodontic treatment.
The parts were fixed in a 10% formalin solution for 24 hours, followed by decalcification in 7.