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loss of calcium from bones or teeth

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In the metastatic setting, at this time we do not recommend performing DISH on bony samples after decalcification.
Decalcification of bone marrow biopsies should be carried out by reagents which allow the biopsy specimen to be used for further studies, if required.
Mouth opening was limited Oral hygiene was extremely poor, with plaque accumulation, extensive decalcification and multiple carious permanent teeth.
Following World War II, attention focused on the importance of decalcification of teeth by bacteria.
Acidification of the local environment under pressure causes osseous decalcification, ischemia, and osteoclastic dissolution of the pneumatic cell walls.
The larger nodule required prolonged, gentle decalcification before reasonable tissue sections could be obtained.
Aging gradually weakens bones through decalcification and trace mineral loss.
After decalcification, samples were centrifuged at 12,000 rpm for 10 min at 4[degrees]C to obtain a precipitate.
Therapeutic that provides caries reduction, enhanced remineralization and protection from decalcification.
Cambrian age siltstones, limestones and calcareous sediments within this zone show widespread and intense, bleaching, iron oxide-staining and decalcification.
2009; Rosenblum, Magura & Joseph 1991), express ambivalence about long-term methadone maintenance, due to effects including bone decalcification, overdosing, side effects, difficulties in withdrawing from the medication, and its persistent social stigma.
Alteration encountered in the hole includes: decalcification, calcite-filled solution cavities, remobilized carbon vein fillings and commonly intense oxidation to hematite and goethite.
This process provides a possible mechanism for the formation of a mineral-dense surface layer in a caries lesion and for other pathological decalcification and calcification processes in biological systems.
Live material is being examined using light microscopy after decalcification with 5%o EDTA.
Lemon glycerine swab sticks can cause irritation and decalcification of teeth.