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either a design that is fixed to some surface or a paper bearing the design which is to be transferred to the surface

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Customers that purchase the wall decal products will make huge savings compared to repainting the walls.
Import and Export Statistics of Decal Paper Products
We basically agreed that we felt we were still very much learning so much about it, about how to roast decal specifically.
As legislators gradually express regret for almost unanimously assenting to an ill-considered bill, the decal provision of Kyleigh's Law may well be repealed.
Only drivers with the state's Clean Air Vehicle decals on their hybrid cars would be allowed to park for free at city meters under an ordinance endorsed Monday by a City Council committee.
As part of the initiative, the company is distributing 750,000 sequentially numbered Smith & Wesson flag-colored decals with the words "Protected by Smith & Wesson.
In small bedrooms, a headboard decal is "a great way to have fun without taking up a lot of space," Soto says.
I have spoken with our Criminal Intelligence Section and the bulletin was created in response to a number of recent inquiries asking about the decal and its meaning and information generally provided to law enforcement about officer safety.
Greyson shared this idea with his family, who helped him bring his toy accessory invention to life - BrickStix[R] Cling Decals and BrickStix[R] Reusable Stickers.
Gallas Label & Decal recently earned ISO 9001:2008 certification and is now the only label printer in the city of Chicago to do so.
Peel away as much of the placard decal as possible with your fingernail.
com)-- Scorpion Racing Products is pleased to announce it is in its fifth season as a marketing partner with the International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) racing sanctioning body, and is now starting its first season as part of the National Decal Program for the IMCA's Modified division.
A call for entries is now open to Philadelphia-based designers to submit their work for development into a removable wall decal for display at the DWR Philadelphia Studio.
Once a fisherman has fully complied, he receives a decal, which he affixes to the boat's cabin window.