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a polygon with 10 sides and 10 angles

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Cane teamed with Gaylon Campbell and other soil hydrology specialists from Decagon Instruments, located in Pullman, Washington.
When we analyse the Penrose patterns a little further still, we can see that they have been built up out of decagons, consisting of five sharp and five obtuse rhombuses.
Other treats in store this series include a couple who have to build 60 per cent of their new house underground in order to keep within height restrictions in their Grade II listed area, a Gothic-style home in Monmouthshire and a beautiful stone building made of interlinking decagons.
By using these triangles you can find the Phi ratio hidden in pentagons, pentagrams and decagons.
Students found trapezoids, diamonds, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, nonagons, decagons, dodecagons, and stars without prompts other than "Find other polygons.
Later, Petra Gummelt of the Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald in Germany proved mathematically that Burkov's overlapping decagons are indeed equivalent to a quasiperiodic Penrose tiling.