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a polygon with 10 sides and 10 angles

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1], which represents crystalline approximate of decagonal quasi-crystalline phase.
Hundreds of quasicrystals have been found since, some with non-crystallographic axial symmetries, pentagonal, octagonal (16), decagonal (17), and dodecagonal (18).
Stute offers three jam ranges in newly designed, lib, decagonal jars with sealed strips.
Burkov of the Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics in Moscow realized that it was possible to create a quasiperiodic tiling by using 10-sided, or decagonal, tiles as the basic structural unit, provided that the tiles could overlap.
Away from the river front, the yellow-framed silhouette of Bankside Lofts, completed earlier this year, towers over the Tate Bankside Gallery (due to be finished in May 2000); and at Atlas Works in Millwall an extraordinary collection of decagonal towers containing 150 flats has been given planning permission.
Bendersky discovered a different type of quasiperiodic structure -- the decagonal phase with a 10-fold rotation axis, which has an apparent 10/mmm point group (Fig.