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a polygon with 10 sides and 10 angles

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Labcell is the sole UK distributor for the Decagon Devices AquaLab TDL water activity analyser.
Companies profiled in this moisture sensor research include Vernier, Spectrum Technologies, Vegetronix, Decagon, Delta-T Devices, Davis Instruments, Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc, Onset, GE measurement, Hydronix, Tews-elektronik, GHI Electronics, Acclima, Inc, Centralite, MoistTech Corp, PASCO and Hunter Industries.
Labcell is the sole UK distributor for the Decagon Devices AquaLab range of water activity instruments and has extensive experience supplying to companies in the food processing industry.
The Delta-T Devices WET and the Decagon 5TE are two commercial dielectric sensors of the FDR and CC type respectively.
Copies of these equilateral triangles are produced inside the decagon using the reflection tool.
E Davis-Standard Decagon Devices Dicronite Dry Lube Dumx Industries Dynamic Conveyor Dynisco E.
Sensing&Control has developed an application where EC-5 soil moisture probes from Decagon Devices - a world leader in the measurement of water activity and soil moisture monitoring in vineyards or greenhouses - can wirelessly transmit their measurements in open field agricultural applications to remote monitoring sites.
Labcell, the exclusive UK distributor for Decagon Devices, is introducing the AquaLab Pre water activity analyser, a new mid-range instrument with an excellent price/performance ratio.
The new Soil Moisture Smart Sensors provide high accuracy measurements of volumetric water content in soil, and integrate industry-proven Decagon ECH2O[TM] dielectric probes for precise, long-term soil moisture monitoring.
29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Decagon Devices has announced the release of the TrueDry CV-9 High Precision Moisture Meter, an instrument that accurately measures the moisture content of nine samples with just four minutes of hands-on time, saving scientists, chemists, quality control, and R&D professionals approximately 2,500 workflow interruptions and 150 hours per year over other loss-on drying methods such as drying ovens.
Companies profiled in 2014 Market Research Report on Global and China Moisture Analyzer Industry include Mettler-Toledo, GE, Sartorius, Fisher Scientific, SpectraSensors, A&D, Kett, OHAUS, ADAM, SHIMADZU, Precisa, Metrohm, KERN, Clarkson, Gow-Mac, G-won, Systech Illinois, Michell Instruments, Decagon Devices, Mac Instruments, CEM, Arizona Instrument, KAM CONTROLS, PCE, Metso, NDC, BERTHOLD and AMETEK.
Labcell is now offering a comprehensive calibration service for the Decagon Devices AquaLab family of water activity analysers.
Obsidian"), the wholly owned subsidiary of Epix, has signed a development and volume purchase agreement with Decagon Devices, Inc.
Labcell has introduced the Decagon Devices SRS Spectral Reflectance Sensors for measuring NDVI (normalised differential vegetation index) and PRI (photochemical reflectance index) at the plot or plant stand scale.