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Synonyms for decadency

the state of being degenerate in mental or moral qualities

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I was not surprised of such a decadency they showed, which does not get along with the core of Geneva," Mikdad said in an interview with al-Ikhbariya TV on Saturday.
129) In this way the historical foundations for emergent and starkly contrasting approaches to contemporary land claims are shown where legal precedent has increasingly established mixed decadency as a powerful disqualifier for recognition of land rights.
Mouchette is too lonely, too despondent that she accepts the poacher's aggressiveness and decadency in exchange for intimacy, for a delusion of love.
Strengthen moral values and noble social practices against licentiousness and anarchy, moral decadency and the disintegration of the family
But they must intervene in taxes; "otherwise no one would pay for public expenses; the prosperity or decadency of a nation depends on how good or bad a system is adopted, and whether the revenue is sufficient or insufficient to meet the state's needs.