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The doubling of India's GDP over the past decade has elevated living standards.
Even though much of Chinas steel is produced with blast furnaces, rather than 100-percent-scrap-consuming electric arc furnaces, raw materials buyers representing Chinas mills have spanned the globe this decade seeking melting units whether iron ore, pig iron or scrap for their new furnaces.
The gloomy scenarios of earlier this decade included a North American economy that would stay in the doldrums after the 9/11 attacks; slow-growth economies in Western Europe and Japan; and a wireless world where communication equipment moves toward cellular telephones, wireless networks, satellite signals and perhaps fiber-optic cable.
Taking into account Arctic sea-ice declines of the past 4 years and those measured since the late 1970s, the ice coverage has been diminishing at a rate of 8 percent per decade.
WellFound Decade's new management team is comprised of members from both WellFound Technology and Decade Systems.
It is no accident that directing the DAV over the last decade has been National Adjutant Arthur H.
Baseball's Best Decade brings an entirely new perspective on the way baseball has been played since the 1920s, how the game has changed, and which decade best qualifies as baseball's “golden age.
The first decade of the 21st century was the hottest on record, marked by unprecedented climate and weather extremes that killed more than 370,000 people, the United Nations weather agency said Wednesday.
But there is another side to this decade which needs to be encompassed by a proper name.
Those who say the decade has a year to go have a strong point.
Finding and retaining qualified personnel is the biggest worry ot New York's engineering firms as the industry move into the next decade, according to a new survey by the American Council of Engineering Companies of New York.
In one section of the plot, hybrids from each decade were planted according to the agronomic practices of their times.
The decade was spent advancing the MTNA mission: to advance the value of music study and music making in society and to support the professionalism of music teachers.