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Synonyms for debunking

the exposure of falseness or pretensions


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But after debunking claims to antiquity, Stell sets out to look at the distinctive contribution of buildings such as Langley Chapel, Toxteth, and Bramhope.
In fact, it is entirely possible to read the artist's slacker posture as a form of deference to the shaky integrity of the materials, that is, as a lightness of touch born of his affection for lint and plastic foam - a move away from ironic debunking toward a subtle affirmation of the unimportant.
Indeed, mathematician Brendan McKay, the lead author of last fall's skeptical study, has been actively debunking Bible Code notions for years, with virtually no publicity.
Everyone seems to know by now that Rudolf Schwarzkogler did not actually kill himself by cutting his penis off in slices during an Aktion, and yet you will read no text about the Austrian artist that does not relish in either reporting or debunking the castration myth.
Understanding Arabs is very strongly recommended reading to all westerners for its definitive description of the Arab culture and debunking of the cultural misconceptions held by so many Americans which has resulted such mistrust of a greatly misunderstood and underappreciated Islamic culture.
Mom PhD: 6 Steps To Mastering Leadership Skills For Mom by Teresa Bell Kindred (Christian author, public speaker, high- school teacher, monthly "Kindred Spirits" columnist for Kentucky Living magazine, wife and mother of five) is written to assist other wives and mothers to create a vision for themselves and their families that will inspire to faith by knowing when and how to ask for help, being consistent in decisions and behavior, dealing with teens, requiring respect from others, setting clear boundaries for family members, instilling courtesy and manners, "catching children at being good", debunking the "supermom" myth, and tapping into the power of prayer for life guidance and family problem solving.
However, what makes this handbook a good read is its debunking of numerous popular outdoors myths, such as menstruating women attracting bears or the value of climbing trees to escape.
Shermer is a relative newcomer to the field of debunking zany beliefs, dominated over the past decades by such figures as former Scientific American columnist Martin Gardner and stage magician James "the Amazing" Randi.
Dozens of other scientists quickly began their own tests aimed at confirming or debunking those announcements.
The site gives simple tips and information related to complex carbohydrates, weight control and other nutritional trends, while also debunking myths and fads that have attacked bread's value.
It's obvious, formulaic, often very funny and oddly cheerful as it goes about debunking prejudice by playing into it.
These fears make debunking the myth that technology will disrupt the function of medical instruments another major factor in the acceptance of mobile and wireless technologies.
PENN & TELLER became heroes and celebrities of modest stature for comically debunking many of their fellow magicians' tricks, while concocting feats that seemed even more dazzling.
The totals reveal continued falloff in CD sales - in the process debunking the theory that file sharing leads to sales.