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locate and correct errors in a computer program code

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Workbench On-Chip Debugging means that developers can now more effectively debug and resolve problems early in the development cycle, from hardware bring-up to early OS and hardware integration.
One of the biggest problems with existing hardware debugging solutions is that when designers are not able to find the source of errors, they are forced to run multiple iterations of synthesis and debug insertion.
The rapid increase in FPGA design size and complexity has threatened the productivity advantage of FPGA hardware-based verification by increasing the debug cycle time and making it harder to correlate post-synthesis signals with the original RTL design.
Key features include On Demand Debugging, kernel-mode debugging on a single Windows NT machine and the ability to debug numerous multi-process, multi-thread programs simultaneously.
NuMega will upgrade its advanced Windows debugger, SoftICE for Windows 95, to allow developers to debug programs that utilize the new MMX instructions.
As the only solution that enables kernel-mode debugging on one machine, SoftICE allows developers to control the whole Windows NT system and debug all application and system modules, solving difficult problems that would otherwise degrade software quality or prevent on-time shipment.