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a program that helps in locating and correcting programming errors

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Team Remote ASP Debugger is currently the only web development tool in the world that delivers full-fledged remote classic ASP debugging functionality for a team of ASP developers.
To see a demonstration of a CoWare Virtual Platform with Lauterbach's Trace32 PowerView Debugger, contact the CoWare office nearest you.
Without a parallel debugger such as Totalview for the Intel Fortran compiler, providing support for our parallel simulator will be extremely difficult, if not impossible.
All features the TRACE32 Debugger offers for the ThreadX RTOS are implemented without changes to the application or kernel.
A connection to the Optima run-mode debugger that enables code windows to be brought up for debug on selected processes in the system browser list.
Able to scale beyond the capabilities of any other debugger and run on all major platforms, Total View is used to debug applications that range from modeling nuclear interactions to simulating oil reservoirs, executing sophisticated econometric analysis, and creating leading edge internet applications.
Adhering to the Eclipse platform debug paradigm, and hence offering ultimate openness, the EDGE Debugger provides developers with a number of debugging environments.
The TotalView debugger, running it its own window, contains all the features found in TotalView launched from the command line - such as advanced MPI and multithreading support, as well as an interactive memory debugger.
The debugger can start processes on the local computer if it is running RTX, or communicate with a remote computer running Windows XP (or Windows XP Embedded) and the RTX environment.
The latest version of Advanced Server has many new features, including support for Oracle-style packages, an integrated debugger and a suite of tuning, management and monitoring tools to improve database performance and administration.
Etnus LLC, provider of TotalView(R) -- THE debugger for complex code -- announced today the release of version 7.
2, the latest version of the world's most advanced open source database, and includes Oracle-style packages, Oracle-style sequences and other features that improve compatibility with Oracle, an integrated debugger that facilitates stored procedure, function and trigger development, and a DBA Management Server and dynamic tuning capabilities to improve database administration.
Etnus, maker of TotalView -- THE debugger for complex code on Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X -- announces general availability of version 7.
com), a leading supplier of boundary scan development tools, has added a JTAG chain debugger to its XJTAG Development System, which will further reduce debug and test times for engineers designing and testing complex printed circuit boards.
The MetaWare Toolkit includes new releases of ARC's MetaWare C/C++ Compiler, Debugger and a new Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE).