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locate and correct errors in a computer program code

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TM) ] Debug Platform, a new debugging solution which reduces the time to identify bugs in a design by up to 50 percent compared to traditional signal- or transaction-level debug methods.
Novas has enhanced the core performance of its debug platform through a variety of database and library optimization techniques.
Pre-silicon, the ClearBlue Instrumentation Studio software delivers a user-directed environment for insertion of the reconfigurable debug instruments (ReDI(TM)) into the SoC RTL.
the leader in debug systems for complex chip designs, today introduced a new set of capabilities that streamline the process of analyzing and debugging assertion failures for users of SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA).
E[acute accent]After the transaction extraction process is complete, the resulting transaction database can be imported into the Verdi environment for use with powerful transaction-level debug and analysis capabilities.
to integrate Nexxim(R), Ansoft's circuit simulation software for high-performance IC design, with Novas' Verdi(TM) Automated Debug System to create an enhanced verification solution.
FREIBURG, Germany -- Concept Engineering today announced the release of SGvision(TM) PRO, a mixed-mode debugging tool that allows system-on-chip (SoC) designers and verification engineers to more quickly analyze and debug circuits that contain both digital and transistor-level components.
the leader in debug systems for complex chip designs, and Faraday Technology, a leading ASIC and IP provider, today jointly announced that Faraday's memory compilers are now integrated with Novas' Verdi(TM) Automated Debug System.
Although the Forum initially focused on the stringent requirements of microprocessor debug tools for automotive powertrain applications, its overall goal is to enable the continued development of state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, high-performance microcontrollers.
A connection to the Optima run-mode debugger that enables code windows to be brought up for debug on selected processes in the system browser list.
Workbench On-Chip Debugging means that developers can now more effectively debug and resolve problems early in the development cycle, from hardware bring-up to early OS and hardware integration.
ABAQUS uses TotalView to debug, large, complex programs on IBM systems running AIX on Power," said ABAQUS senior development engineer Robert Schweikert.
Teradyne (NYSE: TER), the world's leading ATE manufacturer of in-circuit test equipment, today announced Debug Pro, a new user-friendly software debug environment for TestStation[TM] ICT equipment.