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locate and correct errors in a computer program code

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The typical on-chip debug device is using some dedicated facilities to gain access to some of the processor's internal state, and these devices usually a serial debug interface (like JTAG) to communicate between the processor and the host computer (Zhang, 2013; Wang, 2011).
Novas has enhanced the core performance of its debug platform through a variety of database and library optimization techniques.
The System Navigator Pro series is FS2's next-generation hardware platform that will enable the deployment of system-level debug solutions that include processor and bus activity as well as system-level performance data.
FS2 augments the Incisive capabilities by providing customers easier-to-use and more powerful hardware and software co-verification solutions to simplify and link functional and performance analysis between EDA and hardware-based debug tools.
Kernel awareness provides on-demand views of kernel data structures such as threads, queues, semaphores, and other objects of interest during the debug process.
This probe enables access to all of the debug features available in all MIPS[R] cores, including EJTAG, PDtrace[TM] and real-time PC sampling.
Operators can select individual debug tests by simply clicking on menus or by using new built-in search capabilities.
ABAQUS uses TotalView to debug, large, complex programs on IBM systems running AIX on Power," said ABAQUS senior development engineer Robert Schweikert.
Optima's system browser provides a high-level object view of target systems that helps developers isolate problems that are not easily discoverable using standard source code debug tools.
Another major advantage is the multi-client interface capabilities of Nexus to conduct real-time multi-processor debug over a single Nexus interface.
This option provides a great degree of flexibility -- since tokens can be aggregated to debug an application with many processes, or distributed for routine debugging of many smaller jobs.
the leader in debug systems for complex chip designs, and Faraday Technology, a leading ASIC and IP provider, today jointly announced that Faraday's memory compilers are now integrated with Novas' Verdi(TM) Automated Debug System.
Adhering to the Eclipse platform debug paradigm, and hence offering ultimate openness, the EDGE Debugger provides developers with a number of debugging environments.
FREIBURG, Germany -- Concept Engineering today announced the release of SGvision(TM) PRO, a mixed-mode debugging tool that allows system-on-chip (SoC) designers and verification engineers to more quickly analyze and debug circuits that contain both digital and transistor-level components.