debt ceiling

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the maximum borrowing power of a governmental entity

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The idea of having the President increase the debt ceiling, subject to a vote of congressional disapproval, was originally proposed by then-Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2012.
It's not as though it was much better before September 8, however, as the debt ceiling has been sitting comfortably at approximately $19.
Speaking to reporters in the Capitol, Reid said it was his understanding that the House would take up a debt ceiling bill later this week, allowing the Senate time to consider it next week in time to beat a Nov.
The GDN reported yesterday that Bahrain's national accounts hang in the balance after parliament voted overwhelmingly to veto a decision to raise the country's debt ceiling from BD5bn to BD7bn.
Secretary Lew's Friday letter advising Congress to raise the debt ceiling is the second one he has sent to Capitol Hill in the past month.
NEW HAVEN: The world just dodged a bullet on the US debt ceiling.
For those intellectuals and economists who actually advocate the abolition of a debt ceiling altogether, the current state of affairs is actually sanguine news -- it's carte blanche when it comes to government spending.
The legislation passed, will find the government through mid January and raise debt ceiling through Feb 7.
The day after On the brink was published, the final agreement to raise the debt ceiling was passed by Congress.
The bill "would drastically reduce the chances that the debt ceiling could be used as a political weapon designed to extract policy concessions from the opposing party," the senators said.
Dow Jones/London Europe's benchmark stock index extended gains into a sixth straight day yesterday helped by an upbeat earnings report from Nestle, while investors also digested a deal in the US to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling to avoid a possible default.
Summary: Financial markets continue to take the prospect of a US default in stride, even though a deadline to raise the country's debt ceiling is just hours away.
Blackstone Group President and COO Tony James talked to Scott Pelley about the debt ceiling crisis.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The International Monetary Fund reiterated its calls for the US Congress to resolve the ongoing budget crisis and address a looming debt ceiling crisis.
Washington: President Barack Obama pressured Republican lawmakers on Saturday to agree to raise the US debt ceiling for longer than they would prefer, as their fiscal impasse dragged into the weekend with five days left to find a deal.