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For the past 10 years, simulation and debriefing have gained momentum as active teaching-learning strategies that successfully impact student thinking along the learning continuum (Jeffries, 2012).
However, research has indicated that mandatory debriefings may be insufficient and possibly counterproductive or even harmful in some circumstances (Adam Stone, Sept.
A search of the literature was conducted in CINAHL and Medline databases using the following search terms: debriefing and counselling relating to post-natal women, trauma and childbirth and post-natal depression.
As became apparent in the debriefing, Lee Ann's behavior was especially grating to Maria's health care team.
The belligerent, bullying nurse or physician cannot be allowed to dominate or commandeer the debriefing session.
This study considered how using video-elicited reflection (VER), in addition to traditional observation-based debriefing (OBD), affected the development of novice teachers working towards the goal of becoming qualified, "effective, reflective practitioners" (Loughran, 2002).
Bisson is one of the authors of a recent Cochrane Collaboration meta-analysis of 12 randomized controlled trials of individual or group debriefing sessions for all individuals after a traumatic event.
More questions about our family in crisis, more questions about the upcoming debriefing.
The mitigation of distress was a welcome byproduct, but operational debriefing was not designed as a psychological aid.
Critiquing and debriefing ate very different from one another.
The center integrates a multidisciplinary standard-of-care continuum with specific services, including precrisis education/inoculation; individual, team, mental health practice, and community basic and advanced training; triage/assessment/referral for initial/follow-up treatment; individual peer support; small- or large-group defusing; small-group debriefing or demobilization; individual traumatic stress reduction management; pastoral/bereavement counseling; employee assistance services; and a wellness program.
While it is true that training films were made of his creative ways of catching water and fish and a private bill granted him US citizenship, the initial debriefing by the US Navy was dismissive.
This information is combined and compared with norms from the CCL database for later use in the debriefing process.
This justification often arises during the game but should be discussed during the debriefing session.