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put someone through a debriefing and make him report

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The debriefed offeror either before or after award is entitled to receive certain other information, such as whether the agency followed the applicable source selection procedures.
The 24 crew members were debriefed after they were released following 11 days of detention in China, the spokesman said.
But they were having to wait while Special Branch officers debriefed the passengers, taking 10 minutes per person.
Dr Jo Rick, of the Institute for Employment Studies, said interviews with people involved in car accidents found that those who were debriefed took longer to recover from the trauma.
Early Wednesday, district officials debriefed all individuals involved, and plan to do a thorough check of the wood shop to prevent such accidents from occurring again, DePasquale said.
Employees should not be debriefed at their own facility or by other staff members.
The recorded media can be debriefed on an ordinary PC equipped with a cassette adaptor and standard media player software.
Every landing is analyzed, graded and debriefed to each pilot.