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put someone through a debriefing and make him report

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The Fall 2015 edition of the Duncan Debrief features news about the business aviation industry as well as Duncan Aviation customers and team members.
One of the most important aspects of the debrief will be to assess whether they are an IS "plant" being sent back to the UK to commit a terror attack.
The debrief focuses on the core of the mission--the tactical execution.
Possibly the engineering debrief will go out of the window.
But the debrief should have started much earlier, according to guidelines set out by the Northumbria LRF.
I am very pleased with the way the tour went,' said Ruddock as the squad arrived back in Wales yesterday after 77-3 and 60-3 victories over the USA and Canada respectively' We achieved all our objectives - and more - and at the debrief when I spoke to the players I said how pleased the management were with the tour when I feel they delivered the full package of forward power, flair and defensive pride.
At the very least, the briefer's professional reputation will be marred, and aircrew will return to the debrief shaking their heads, saying, "I'll never do that again.
How often do you debrief each of your salesperson's calls together?
But many organisations automatically debrief staff in the belief that talking about an incident helps people come to terms with what they have witnessed.
NEW YORK -- Kaplan Test Prep will hold its First Annual Admissions Officers Survey Debrief live online series of events for prospective graduate school, business school, law school and medical school students Tuesday, November 27 and Wednesday, November 28, 2012.
Contract awarded for the program will cover an initial group briefing, individual impact assessments, 2 hour one on one debrief coaching sessions and a 4 hour debrief workshop with the senior officer team.
Team members have also been asking for sessions when they identify a need to debrief, rather than wait until a major critical incident occurs.
The ability to plan, conduct, debrief and report accurately is paramount in continuing the important mission of protecting the U.
Don't debrief victims or ask them to recount the trauma until enough time has passed that the victim can differentiate the memory of the trauma from the experience of trauma.
Next, the group will debrief their example by leading the class in a discussion of how their skit demonstrates the motivational theory.