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surgical removal of foreign material and dead tissue from a wound in order to prevent infection and promote healing

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2] laser debridements before the initiation of adjunctive injections ranged from 1 to 15 (mean: 3.
A total of six patients who died required more than one surgical debridement.
We also wanted to examine three potential prognostic factors: (1) the time delay from emergency room admission to surgery; (2) the initial extent of the disease; and (3) the impact of more than one debridement procedure under general anesthesia in relation to patient survival.
The patients in this series also had no infections at a minimum of 21 days of follow-up and the investigators concluded that arthroscopic debridement of wounds with minimal soft-tissue injury was adequate to prevent infection (Table 4).
Early aggressive debridement, of any and all necrotic tissue, forms the cornerstone of therapy, with additional serial debridements offering the best chance of survival.
Outcomes measured The primary outcome measured was the number of debridements needed to obtain a clean ulcer.
Ward (1987) used music and relaxation techniques to assist five burned patients receiving daily debridements.
After an initial debridement, the material was found to extend from the glottis to the upper trachea.
Conclusion: The result of early and delayed debridement is almost the same in open fractures, if patients receive suitable antibiotic therapy.
Severity of the lesions demanded surgical debridement (online Appendix Figure, available from http://www.
After receiving 575 mg of accumulated dosage plus 2 surgical debridements of the lesion, the patient showed only slight improvement; he was then referred to our university hospital.
Multiple, surgical debridements, including transcervical mediastinal debridement, and eventually a thoracotomy for mediastinal abscess were required The patient eventually recovered, and 3 months later he showed no sign of complications or recurrence.