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surgical removal of foreign material and dead tissue from a wound in order to prevent infection and promote healing

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Maggot debridement therapy is a natural way to debride wounds by lysing bacteria and fungi (Cazander et al.
Maggots, scientifically known as Lucilia sericata (Greenbottle) fly larvae, secrete proteolytic enzymes that debride necrotic tissue but are inactivated by living tissue.
If there is no frank instability, one may debride the lunotriquetral ligament and perform an arthroscopic wafer resection.
In this study, the average time to debride a Stage IV ulcer was 8 days with the hydrogel and 12 days with the enzymatic formula.
Instead, practitioners can debride stage II pressure sores that have a small amount of superficial necrotic tissue by using coarse mesh gauze moistened with saline (removing and reapplying moist dressings every six to eight hours).
The company's proprietary TX1 Tissue Removal System is used to safely and specifically cut and debride diseased soft tissue in an outpatient setting using only local anesthetic (www.
Dans une seconde partie, le rythme etait nettement plus debride.
In chronic cases, there may be extensive fibrous tissue to debride and it may be impossible to separate individual tendon components and it is imperative that the ends of the tendon be debrided back to normal tissue (Harasen, 2006).
After the administration of local anaesthesia (Lignox 2%, Indico Remidies, Warren, Goa) under rubber dam isolation the access cavity was prepared, the pulp chamber was irrigated with 5% sodium hypochlorite to debride the chamber fully and to identify the nature of the canal system present.
The woman spent 4 months in the ICU, during which time she underwent many surgeries to debride the wound as well as a nephrectomy and a permanent colostomy.
Presente comme un opposant a un interventionnisme debride, le futur ex-secretaire a la Defense qui sera remplace par le technocrate Ashto Carter, nomme vendredi par le president Obama, ne cache pas son optimisme sur l'avenir d'un pays appele, apres 13 ans d'occupation, a s'emanciper de la presence etrangere improductive.
Si le premier acte avait ete tactique, le deuxieme fut beaucoup plus debride, voire enleve parfois.
It softens eschar so you can easily debride it," she added.
After fully opening the wound, the surgeon should remove all fluid contents and debride all necrotic tissue.
Michel Kelly, a sports medicine physician practicing at Specialty Surgical Center in Sparta, NJ and ringside physician for professional boxing and professional mixed martial arts commented, "The percutaneous tenotomy technique developed by Tenex provides a safe and precise means of targeting the lesion and delivers the ability to cut and debride the unhealthy tissue and to create an environment for new and healthier tissue to grow.