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Carrying that point further, GTRI researchers are also working on ways to combine computer vision with X-ray imaging to improve the accuracy and thoroughness of product screening processes after deboning.
25 million head of big bird deboning chickens per week.
Gross profit margins Q3 2014 were 33% at SJAP, including 38% at the slaughterhouse and deboning facilities.
9 October 2009 - Tyson Foods is planning to expand its poultry processing plant in Corydon, Indiana by investing USD 626,000 in new equipment to host deboning operations from other company locations in Arkansas and Missouri.
While UK producers continue theft public awareness campaign, one of Denmark's largest butchers' co-operatives, Danish Crown, announced it would be closing its pig slaughterhouse at Skive and deboning unit at Hurup.
The Collins facility is currently dedicated to servicing both retail and big bird deboning customers and will be converted to process exclusively for the big bird deboning market.
Paoli's quest to build a mechanical deboning machine began in 1953.
The Hydrodyne process is a novel technology that scientists at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Department of Food Science and Technology, Blacksburg, VA 24061) have optimized to shorten the deboning time for broiler breasts.
A: Agriculture officials say deboning must be done by butchers, who know what they're doing, to rule out risks.
2 million birds per week for the big bird deboning market.
The project includes equipment for automated cut-up, automated deboning and production control software, enabling full traceability.
Andy is looking forward to his new role, saying, "Together, AM2C and Beehive have the world's most extensive line of separation, deboning, and desinewing equipment.
Most of those positions will be in the company's chicken deboning operation to increase capacity and improve quality, company spokeswoman Donna Miller said.
If freezing and deboning is enough to eliminate the risk, why have 50 countries still banned Brazilian beef imports?
With two slaughterhouses and two deboning halls, Weyl slaughters 4,500 heads of cattle per week and delivers fresh and frozen primals and sub-primals to modern retail, foodservice operators and wholesalers, particularly in export markets.