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Synonyms for debonaire

having a sophisticated charm

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having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air

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If you are looking for much higher returns, you should start the Multi-Target Assassination mission, which affects all Debonaire (DEB) stocks on the LCN stock exchange.
Anyway, the reading at Beyond Baroquem was a small, pleasant affair: Among others, I met the wonderfullie kind and brilliant poet Jen Hofer, the poet and paranormal investigator Mark Salerno, and the somewhat taciturn yet polyte and debonaire Walter K.
Tru Colours choir, dance hall artist Bongo Chilli, reggae singer Dan Man, soul duo Reason - Skruffz and Debonaire Hi Quality will also provide music.
The elegant and debonaire David "Rattie" Blanchfield is sailing for Italian high fashion house Prada.
Philip Foulface, Bacchus Bountie, Describing the Debonaire Dietie of his Bountifull Godhead, in the Royall Observance of his Great Seat of Pentecost.
Earth outgrows the mythic fancies Sung beside her in her youth; And those debonaire romances Sound but dull beside the truth.
The authors of the frequently delightful ESO manifesto are more than hip enough to realize what a cliche barbecue is, and I laughed out loud when they blasted "the specialist, the professional, debonaire, good country southerner," but still: when you bless grits, bourbon, butter beans, day drinking, front porches, and country ham, and blast racism, the Agrarians, Stone Mountain, Paula Deen, and Dylann Roof (and about a dozen other examples), you're basically loving barbecue and hating racism.
Sound systems including Sir Debonaire, Turbo Charge, Little Sample, Saturday Love, DJ Bung and DJ Arron will entertain the crowds.
Others who qualified for Wembley included Coventry's Barbara Gallimore, a past Olympia showing winner, on the connemara Tiercel Magical, Christine Dean, on the coloured pony Shamu, Mrs Salmon, with the little mare Westhill Debonaire, Gail List's grey heavyweight hunter Heatwave II, Harriet Green, on her 13th working hunter pony Ardendshooves Firefly and Arab horses Maleikerp and Aurellia, both ridden by renowned showing producer Andrea Boyle.
Bacchus Bountie, Describing the Debonaire Dietie of his Bountifull Godhead (London: Henry Krykham, 1593), no pagination.
Joining her for an impromptu jam were Pinky Amador, Viktoria Agbayani, and hottest grandma in town Cheska Winebrenner, plus the debonaire Mike Toledo, who can sing Sinatra like no other.
We are extremely pleased to make this announcement on the heels of the signing of our contract with Debonaire Airlines," said Michail Itkis, chief executive officer of IFT.