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Synonyms for debit

pay out from


  • pay out from

Synonyms for debit

an accounting entry acknowledging sums that are owing

enter as debit

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For example, if a consumer authorizes a one-time ACH debit from the consumer's account using a blank, partially completed, or fully completed and signed check for the merchant to capture the routing, account, and serial numbers to initiate the debit, the check is not an access device.
Where a consumer authorizes a third party to debit or credit the consumer's account, an account-holding institution that has not received advance notice of the transfer or transfers must provide the required disclosures as soon as reasonably possible after the first debit or credit is made, unless the institution has previously given the disclosures.
That organization debits an asset and credits contribution revenue.
When an asset transfer occurs and the recipient organization and specified beneficiary organization are financially interrelated, the resource provider debits an expense and credits an asset or payable.
There is no paper trail for ACH Debits other than the posting to a monthly bank statement.
The strategic healthcare relationship established today offers employers and carriers a debit card solution that, when coupled with SHPS' claims processing expertise, will redefine the way in which employees use their spending accounts," said Rishabh Mehrotra, SHPS' president, human resource solutions and chief technology officer.
USXP Capital is a financial services company that recently began offering Visa, MasterCard and other branded prepaid debit cards.
Debit Q&A: Offers site visitors the opportunity to ask questions and get answers about debit
Q Comm's Qxpress POSA terminals will be used for loading and reloading our prepaid debit cards," says Brett Hudson, Director of UXP Cash Express, a division of Universal Express Capital.