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By issuing a bill of a exchange, a buyer (the debitor, in this context known as the drawee) can pay the seller (payee).
13 reglementeaza notificarea sau comunicarea insotita de confirmarea de primire de catre debitor.
a), c) si d), de la debitor sau reprezentantul sau.
Normal salty limits level tor each section Audit section Degree of safety Merchandise Moderate / zero Debitors, creditors Moderate / zero Sales, aquisitions, costs High / moderate / zero Salaries, bonuses High / moderate / zero Tab.
Although 35 million people use direct debits, Portman says magazine subscriptions are the biggest regret, with 40% of direct debitors wishing they hadn't.
Along with the online Cuban-based firms themselves, such online credit-card debitors also fall outside U.
She also sent a copy of a letter she said had been sent to all my direct debitors telling them that it was Abbey's mistake and no reflection on my credit-worthiness.
Banks in thin one financial system like BiH financial systems have an important role in financial interemediation between creditors and debitors, in development of financial markets and in monetary transmission mechanism.
At present, the merged Bank Danamon has 489 branch offices and 739 ATM throughout the 26 provinces and 1 branch office in Cayman Island plus 710 unit ATM catering to 2,7 million funding customers and 12 thousand debitors from the merger participant banks with a total credit of Rp 2,5 trillion.
A report on IBRA's 1999-2004 Strategic Plan shows that as per the end of October 1999, the agency's crash program had managed to capture 3,250 debitors of 10 frozen banks (whose combined debt was Rp 340 billion), much lower than the target set for the end of December 1999, which was 17,799 debtors with Rp 1.