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Synonyms for debit

pay out from


  • pay out from

Synonyms for debit

an accounting entry acknowledging sums that are owing

enter as debit

References in classic literature ?
The scorer not committed, the scored debited with what is against him.
Regulation E does apply, however, to any fee authorized by the consumer to be debited electronically from the consumer's account because the check was returned for insufficient funds.
Consumers prefer to have funds debited from their accounts on the day payments are made to biller (sameday)and not several days in advance of when payments are made (advance deduction)
Within nine seconds, the consumer's personal bank account is accessed, the availability of funds is verified, and the account is debited similar to the way it would be in a traditional ATM/Debit transaction.
The transaction time is comparable to that required for PIN-secured debit and - as with PIN-secured transactions - purchasers' accounts are debited in real-time with funds available to the retailers the following business day.