debit card

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a card (usually plastic) that enables the holder to withdraw money or to have the cost of purchases charged directly to the holder's bank account

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Having a debit card also prevents debt, since you are only spending what you have in your bank account, which can help make you a more disciplined spender.
With the latest introduction any Easypaisa Mobile Account customer using the Easypaisa smartphone App can instantly generate a Virtual Debit Card on their smartphone and then use this card for online payments - wherever MasterCard is accepted.
We also accept debit cards when they follow the same standard as a Visa Electron debit card by having the same number range as a Visa credit card and a three digit security number on the back of the card.
When you use a debit card, you are subtracting your money from your own bank account.
And the debit card product can be looked at as a form of forced savings.
In the same situation, if the card is stolen and is used as a debit card to make purchases or to get cash withdrawals at an ATM from the checking account, the liability limits and error resolution provisions of Regulation E apply; Regulation Z does not apply.
The debit card made its debut last year in Ottawa-Hull, and the response surpassed all expectations.
com) says, 'If you can avoid using a debit card, you should.
Similar to Johnson's pursuits, rap mogul Russell Simmons introduced his version of a prepaid debit card in 2003 called The Rush Visa.
to establish the Rush Card--a prepaid Visa debit card (www.
Anybody who uses a debit card knows that you can use it essentially for free.
Generally speaking, the oldest type of debit card in the United States is the automated teller machine (ATM) card used by consumers to make deposits, withdrawals, and transfers between deposit accounts.