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a card (usually plastic) that enables the holder to withdraw money or to have the cost of purchases charged directly to the holder's bank account

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When the issuing bank requires the usage of a PIN, or if the card does not follow the Visa standard, then we cannot accept the debit card for payment.
Obtaining a debit card is often easier than obtaining a credit card.
Credit card companies have long been trying to augment their customer base as more banks take to the debit card business.
In the same situation, if the card is stolen and is used as a debit card to make purchases or to get cash withdrawals at an ATM from the checking account, the liability limits and error resolution provisions of Regulation E apply; Regulation Z does not apply.
For the consumer who fails to report the loss or theft of a debit card within two business days of learning of the loss or theft, the potential liability increases to $500.
Banks could prevent debit card overdrafts at checkouts and ATMs by denying the transaction or warning the customer, though doing so would eliminate the opportunity to charge an average $34 fee.
Relying on consumer survey data, Packaged Facts assesses various debit card usage rationale and influences, including consumer perceptions about debit convenience and safety in relation to cash and check, as well as spending control; bank account opening motivators, framed around the following themes: account costs, account maintenance thresholds, convenience, transparency and education, mobile capabilities, and prepaid options; checking account fee reduction incentives; and consumer attitudes toward debit card usage fees, pay-per-use fees, and inactivity fees.
All the eight banks in the survey offer either a Visa or MasterCard debit card.
NEW YORK -- The Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training has selected JPMorgan Chase to provide debit cards for unemployment insurance benefit payments, replacing unemployment checks.
PayAllNow Selects Altair as a Preferred Debit Card Issuer for
Visa also said it would produce an educational brochure about debit cards with the National Consumers League, which had been sharply critical of Visa and MasterCard about their debit card policies.
Although it is still the most common form of debit card purchase authorization, respondents found signature approvals to be neither particularly secure (rating them just 4.
Debit card transactions have risen 63 percent this year, mainly because banks are actively promoting debit cards bearing the Visa and MasterCard logos.
United Jersey Global Access is the name for UJB Financial's Visa brand debit card issued through United Jersey Bank in New Jersey.
com enables taxpayers to make Federal balance-due tax payments with their debit card for a fixed convenience fee of $2.