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Synonyms for debit

pay out from


  • pay out from

Synonyms for debit

an accounting entry acknowledging sums that are owing

enter as debit

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The study also found enrollment of debit cards into Apple Pay increased 80 percent in 2016.
The use of debit for small ticket purchases is particularly noteworthy, where one-third of all debit transactions are for less than $10 -- purchases that historically would have been made with cash or not at all.
Credit card companies have long been trying to augment their customer base as more banks take to the debit card business.
Rhode cautions that debit cards, which have only been in use for nine years, haven't built the same credit worthiness in the industry as credit cards because transactions sometimes take longer to post, and some merchants don't always check for sufficient funds.
For example, if the transaction solely involves an extension of credit, and does not include a debit to a checking account (or other consumer asset account), the liability limitations and error resolution requirements of Regulation Z apply.
The resource provider debits an asset and credits an asset or payable.
Under the ACH Debit method, Form 9779 allows taxpayers to set a threshold for each tax type.
The Federal Reserve's Regulation II capped the maximum interchange fees that financial institutions with at least $10 billion in worldwide assets could receive on debit card transactions.
Prepaid debit cards have gained popularity in recent years, especially as retailers and even Visa invest in the concept of gift cards.
The Board of Governors appreciates this opportunity to comment on issues concerning debit cards that can be used without security codes (sometimes referred to as "check cards" or "off-line" debit cards).
Debit Q&A: Offers site visitors the opportunity to ask questions and get answers about debit
The California Public Interest Research Group said company brochures from seven out of eight major California banks don't provide information about liability if a consumer's debit card is used fraudulently.
1) What are the economics of online debit now that rates are out?
In announcing the change, which will take effect in November, Visa went further in protecting consumers for loss or theft than MasterCard International, which last month capped consumer liability for fraudulent use of debit cards at $50, the same as for credit cards.
2010 Debit Issuer Study, Commissioned by PULSE, Finds Consumers Increasingly Prefer Debit Over Cash