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In Conwy alone, council staff combined took more than 12,103 working days off in a year due to stress, anxiety, mental health and nervous debility.
Water swelling is due to spleen qi debility and vacuity with water dampness gathering and collecting.
And then a voice-over suggests that instead of relying on poor old Scott, who is about to go on long term sick leave with nervous debility, you should invest in a Satellite Navigation system called TomTom.
The 1909 guide to Whitley Bay laid it on the line about what visitors could expect: "The sharp bite of the saline waters at Whitley Bay is one of the utmost value in all cases of debility and especially for the jaded businessman.
Rosehip syrup is a good tonic for debility and exhaustion.
They put it down to starvation or lack of breast milk or, the least convincing of all, debility from birth.
Bacon was once reckoned hot stuff against tonsillitis, quinsy and warts, while many clients swear by Sarah Maud Hughes's treatment for general debility - measuring the wool, which they reckon cheers up the most depressed in no time.
A few of the women recalled that for a time a grandmother or an aunt had tended to the family while their parents were at work, but debility, transportation difficulties, conflicting desires, or the pressing needs of other family members often led the caregiver to withdraw her services before long.
It develops very slowly as a rule, often starting with a slight tremor in the hands, and progresses to a more widespread muscular debility.
ME expert Dr Anne Macintyre says: "Usually during pregnancy patients with ME are positively well, but there is the risk of increasing fatigue and debility.
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one of the leading causes of significant debility among Filipinos, apart from asthma and cancer and about four times as many women as men have this disease.
Whether or not the claimant responded to chemotherapy it is inevitable there will be further deterioration in his condition, probably with worsening pain, increasing breathlessness and debility," the writ continues.
They are the best known remedy for anaemia, giddiness, fullness and swelling after meals, loss of appetite, hysteria, palpitation of the heart, debility, depression, weakness, irregularities and all female ailments.
I would recommend an oldfashioned nerve debility tonic such as Scullcap, Oat and Passionflower Compound which will gently support the nervous system and calm down anxiety.
Vertigo, often accompanied with buzzing in the ears, debility and trembling.