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Accidents, suicides, homicide, smoking, dangerous drug use, excessive drinking and bullying are responsible for more deaths and debilities among young people than the aggregate of all diseases in our society today.
Although most historians are familiar with the exhortations against "onanism," the volume will provide much new information for specialists and generalists alike, such as the relatively late emergence of that term, the debilities associated with it, and the medical model upon which those debilities were based.
According to Schaumberg, little attention has been focused on this disease because it can be difficult to study and doesn't usually lead to blindness, but she adds that the cost for care and the debilities it causes could eat up substantial health care resources.
Peter then produced a book printed by TP Salt in 1866 - A Treatise on Deformities and Debilities of the Lower Extremities.
As a consequence, it is not unusual for individuals seriously ill from a variety of disorders, including senescence, to share common debilities (e.
While we might profitably debate the virtues and debilities of this kind of unionism as the backbone of an anti-capitalist politics, the cause of understanding does not seem to be much advanced by establishing its alleged republican credentials.