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causing debilitation

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Furthermore, it was revealed that individuals experiencing anxiety symptoms as facilitative reported less negative self-talk than those experiencing anxiety symptoms as debilitative.
The modified version includes a direction of anxiety scale in addition to the traditional intensity of anxiety scale, in which each participant rated the degree to which they perceived their anxiety was either facilitative or debilitative to performance ranging from -3 (very debilitative) to +3 (very facilitative).
It was argued that the debilitative nature of the depression construct prevents individuals from accepting feelings of vigor.
debilitative or facilitative) lies in the degree of(perceived) control the performer is able to exert over goal achievement (Jones, 1995).
Considering the athlete's functional appraisal of anxiety as facilitative or debilitative may therefore enhance understanding of the effects of sport context and birth order on pre-competitive state-anxiety.
Jones and Swain (1992), for example, showed that highly competitive athletes were higher on self-confidence and perceived their anxiety as more facilitative and less debilitative than low competitive athletes.
Finally, IZOF theory has been examined using positive and negative affect, as measured by the Positive and Negative Affect Scales (PANAS) (Watson, Clark, & Tellegen, 1988) and IZOF theory supported with respect to facilitative and debilitative anxiety and emotion (Hanin & Syrja, 1995).
However, research has to answer how and why individuals experience anxiety as debilitative or facilitative.
A sample might comprise 33% of individuals showing tension was associated with debilitative performance (r = -.
The power of negative labels seems to have a debilitative psychological effect on students in academic achievement.
Researchers are exploring how stem cell therapeutics might be able to treat and possibly even reverse the effects of many debilitative diseases including Alzheimer's, type 1 diabetes and muscular dystrophy.
Inversely, musicians who viewed their anxiety symptoms as debilitative stated that their symptoms contributed to reduced enjoyment of playing, and practical problems, decreased control over their body, and that physiological arousal was a threat to their performance quality.
The results of this study suggest that some students are at risk of having debilitative levels of foreign language anxiety, especially female ones.
Another track and field athlete identified how a lack of confidence had a debilitative effect on performance, "But when I didn't have the confidence in myself and I couldn't jump, the anxiety actually hurt me.
com) is a Florida based Autologous Adipose Stem Cell treatment organization offering cutting-edge stem cell therapy and expertise to patients who suffer from this chronic, debilitative and progressive movement disorder.