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causing debilitation

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Labels on students have long term debilitative affects beyond education.
Anaemia is a global health problem [1,2] with a major debilitative effect, [3] especially in children in subSaharan Africa.
E]xtreme stress has a debilitative effect on subsequent identification accuracy.
The results of this study suggest that some students are at risk of having debilitative levels of foreign language anxiety, especially female ones.
Another track and field athlete identified how a lack of confidence had a debilitative effect on performance, "But when I didn't have the confidence in myself and I couldn't jump, the anxiety actually hurt me.
com) is a Florida based Autologous Adipose Stem Cell treatment organization offering cutting-edge stem cell therapy and expertise to patients who suffer from this chronic, debilitative and progressive movement disorder.
Resilience buffers the effects of minor hassles and major life events, reducing the likelihood that an individual will experience debilitative forms of emotional distress (Pengilly & Dowd, 2000).
The authors argued that some people perceive anxiety descriptors as facilitative while others perceive them as debilitative.
He noted important distinctions between trait and state anxiety, and between facilitating and debilitative anxiety.
Dispositional and environmental factors interact with situational stressors to produce varying amounts of facilitative and debilitative anxiety (Alpert & Haber, 1960).
Most of the older Filipino people are now commonly suffering from these debilitative conditions.
In addition to cancer, TGen and VARI eventually will study neurological and behavioral disorders as well as hearing loss and other debilitative conditions in dogs that could relate to people.
Athletes who perceived their anxiety as facilitative for performance demonstrated relatively more stable, lower levels of cortisol than those who perceived their anxiety as debilitative for performance.
This can lead to a debilitative cycle of even less activity, further decreases in physical work capacity and more problems performing activities of daily living.
The goal is to educate all Soldiers and leaders to increase their awareness and understanding of these potentially debilitative health conditions.