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Synonyms for debilitation

the depletion or sapping of strength or energy

Synonyms for debilitation

serious weakening and loss of energy

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And then there was the pain and debilitation of radical open surgery, then the worse pain of finding out that I had an unexpectedly aggressive C Stage 3 cancer.
Loss and debilitation of habitats happens, but recovery is possible.
Every seizure can cause starvation of oxygen to the brain, which can lead to a change of personality or severe debilitation.
Those who have firsthand experience with "unclean spirits" or psychiatric illnesses, as they are now understood, know the profound loneliness and paralyzing debilitation they wreak on individuals and loved ones.
His journey of overcoming both physical and emotional debilitation has enabled him to become a guru on the topic of living well.
This "social torture" is evidenced in widespread violation, dread, disorientation, dependency, debilitation, and humiliation perpetrated on a mass scale, largely in the "protected villages" for the internally displaced.
But those with the condition know only too well the pain and debilitation it can cause.
Much research has documented that such neural reorganization begins within hours of limb loss or debilitation.
Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia, is characterized by progressive loss of memory and cognition, ultimately leading to complete debilitation and death.
Early diagnosis of MG means access to comprehensive treatment at an early stage to prevent further debilitation.
Debilitation was a subjective criterion that gave the UCLA surgeons the flexibility to deny a transplant to any older patient who was judged too ill to undergo transplant surgery, Dr.
Each visit to the rehabilitation clinics made me more sensitive to the suffering, debilitation and challenges of others.
MacArthur's Research Network on Successful Aging produced a groundbreaking book that thoroughly debunked the myth that aging has to be a painful process of debilitation.
This is information, and so cannot be classed among the provocations to moral debilitation from which parents seek to protect their children.
above crippling stilettos when it comes to the continuing debilitation of women by the world at large.