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Synonyms for debaucher

a man who seduces women

Synonyms for debaucher

someone who assaults others sexually

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Just as some are offended when they may be wrongfully labeled when taking a position that is contrary to the view of a gay person, imagine when the word gay is sounded and immediately one may hear all or any one of the following epithets in return, such as, faggot, sodomite, sissy, queer, pedophile, sinner, debaucher, and the list goes on.
As Jewett put it, testimony revealed Hoover "to be the debaucher of one woman and the destroyer of one happy home.
From dad to debaucher, faithful fiance to rock and roll bad boy, "VH1 Presents: Tommy Lee: The Naked Truth" takes viewers on a bumpy (and often contradictory) ride.
The husband "goes out confidently and confidently he returns, knowing that whether he is absent or present, she will not let in any adulterers, listen to any debauchers, attend to any deceivers.
A New York charity worker described the homes of the poor as `nurseries of indolence, debauchers, and intemperance,' and their inhabitants as the `moral pests of society.
I wondered if in its attempt to examine romantic writing in relation to Western culture's struggle with the medical, social, and moral dimensions of alcoholism, whether this book eventually would romanticize the romantic poets as creative revelers and debauchers.
Jefferson and his Republican colleagues (no relation to the current crop) were, as a matter of course, depicted as drunken debauchers.