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Writing early on to Alicia Johnson, her confidante and fellow debauchee, Lady Susan dismisses her daughter as "the greatest simpleton on Earth" and as "the torment of my life" while referring at the same time to her "sacred impulse of maternal affection" (245)--an irony just as pertinent to Catherine, whose ostentatious display of maternal feeling regarding Frederica coexists uneasily with her chronic inability to refer to any of her own children by name.
In the X-rated ditty, The Debauchee, the lusty Lord takes us through a typical day.
lubricity, wenching, whoredom, concubinage (in the sense of mistress), debauchee, trollop, phyrne, slut, street-walker, strumpet, trull, cyprian, courtezan, adulteress, bawd, jade, jezebel, delilah, bitch, aspasia, conciliatrix, bona roba, chere amie, whore, lorette, mackerell, mistress, procuress, punk, quean, rig, satyr, whore-monger, badnio, badhouse, brothel, bawdy house.
Jack Meehoff is the patriarch of a band that also boasts twin brothers Paul Meehoff and Robin Meehoff, not to mention the elusive debauchee Zak Meehoff.
The sainthood popularly ascribed to the dishonest Marxisant debauchee Martin Luther King, and the crucifixion imagery in which America's New Class couched its descriptions of Matthew Shepherd--a Wyoming homosexual murdered in 1999--demonstrate in themselves Professor Gottfried's point.
A fifteenth play, Like Father, Like Son, is lost, and others of doubtful attribution, such as The Debauchee, are briefly addressed.
As Lord Rochester, a good-hearted debauchee, he stands out in an enticing cast that includes The Full Monty's Robert Carlyle, Johnny Lee Miller of Trainspotting, and Liv Tyler as a ballsy aristocrat.
There was no way Dawn was pulling out," says Alison Steadman, who plays buxom debauchee Madame De Plonge in the show - a kind of Blackadder set in the court of Louis XVI of France.
Max, the debauchee, reveals mystical tendencies while Angus experiences a nostalgia for the spiritual when seemingly immersed in sin.
If Jahangir was, as Ganda Singh claims him to be, "[a man] with no fixed moral scruples, a debauchee, always soaked in wine,"(33) concern over the Guru's activities at Goindwal would have precipitated action much sooner.
Whether or not this evidence of the man as an occasional bigot and debauchee should be left in the library files raises unanswerable questions.
Returning to the looms after a lunch hour interlude with a rich debauchee, Corina's mouth is "satiated with kisses.
They seem far more the fantasies of a frenzied adolescent than the confessions of a clandestine debauchee.
We warn in the strongest terms to every male and female debauchee," the Shia militia hit list says.
Annales 16,18), who together with the Elder Pliny and Plutarch is our only biographical evidence from the classical period, depicts Petronius not as a debauchee, but as a poseur of vice (vitiorum imitatione).