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But there are whole poems, without narrative frames, that consist largely of epic (or mock-epic) simile: take Lord Rochester's "The Disabled Debauchee," or Robert Hass's "Heroic Simile.
Inebriate of Air--am I-- And Debauchee of Dew-- Reeling--thro endless summer days-- From inns of Molten Blue.
In some poems, as in those observed above, Horace is a man dedicated to seclusion and philosophical improvement, but in others, he is more of a hedonistic debauchee anxious to resume his poetic career.
Cody's ambition for wealth and his capacity for exploitation are associated with sexuality: he is "the pioneer debauchee who during one phase of American life brought back to the eastern seaboard the savage violence of the frontier brothel and saloon" (p.
His own imaginative apprenticeship, however, in a "fringale de lecture" (40), gradually erodes his attempts "de raisonner l'histoire qu'elle lui avait contee" (17), ultimately subordinate to his own novelistic flights of fancy: "Et il imagina d'autres histoires: une debutante tombee a Paris avec un amant, qui l'avait lachee ; ou bien une petite bourgeoise debauchee par une amie [.
His sportswomen were no more than a debauchee who tried to find physical pleasure everywhere.
If sent to quell a disturbance in a house of ill fame, notwithstanding he was a most abandoned debauchee himself, he would take pleasure in exposing the characters of all those he found there, thereby destroying the peace of many families: he would treat the unhappy prostitutes with the greatest inhumanity, and even drag them to a prison, though many of them had been reduced by himself.
The spy is stood motionless to draw his diagrams, a debauchee to keep a look out for a woman, the most earnest men stop to observe progress on a new building or a major demolition.
They traded risque jokes with Boyet, played by a portly and ruddy actor--a picture of an aged debauchee.
Those who wish to see Amis only as a bully and a debauchee will find plenty of ammunition here.
Edward Gibbons in 1631 had a conversion experience in Salem, testifying that "he was no Debauchee, but of a Jocund Temper, and one of the Merry Mounts Society, who chose to Dance about a Maypole first Erected to the Honour of Strumpet Flora, than to hear a good Sermon.
lubricity, wenching, whoredom, concubinage (in the sense of mistress), debauchee, trollop, phyrne, slut, street-walker, strumpet, trull, cyprian, courtezan, adulteress, bawd, jade, jezebel, delilah, bitch, aspasia, conciliatrix, bona roba, chere amie, whore, lorette, mackerell, mistress, procuress, punk, quean, rig, satyr, whore-monger, badnio, badhouse, brothel, bawdy house.
Jack Meehoff is the patriarch of a band that also boasts twin brothers Paul Meehoff and Robin Meehoff, not to mention the elusive debauchee Zak Meehoff.
The sainthood popularly ascribed to the dishonest Marxisant debauchee Martin Luther King, and the crucifixion imagery in which America's New Class couched its descriptions of Matthew Shepherd--a Wyoming homosexual murdered in 1999--demonstrate in themselves Professor Gottfried's point.