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Synonyms for debate

Synonyms for debate

to put forth reasons for or against something, often excitedly

the presentation of an argument or arguments

Synonyms for debate

a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal

the formal presentation of a stated proposition and the opposition to it (usually followed by a vote)

argue with one another

discuss the pros and cons of an issue

References in classic literature ?
We were so anxious to read about the debate," said Mrs.
One doesn't realise how interesting a debate can be until one has sons in the navy.
The serious parts of the discussion had been of higher merit than the playful--in a men's debate is the reverse more general?
We suppose it is a good thing to waste an evening once a fortnight over a debate, but, as my sister says, it may be better to breed dogs.
There's nothing like a debate to teach one quickness.
Margaret laughed and said, "But this is going to be far better than the debate itself.
However, after some debate, they resolved to accept of them: and, in return, they gave the savages that brought them one of their hatchets, an old key, a knife, and six or seven of their bullets; which, though they did not understand their use, they seemed particularly pleased with; and then tying the poor creatures' hands behind them, they dragged the prisoners into the boat for our men.
Here the entry terminates, as we have no doubt the debate did also, after arriving at such a highly satisfactory and intelligible point.
Greg Abbott is and has been ready, willing and eager to participate in two statewide debates," Abbott campaign manager Wayne Hamilton said Tuesday.
Not going to be near a television tonight when President Barack Obama debates his GOP rival, former Massachusetts Gov.
A chapter is also devoted to the adjudication of these debates so that prospective judges can review guiding principles, practical models and relevant standards.
Gallup has measured public reaction to most presidential debates since 1960 -- either on the same night immediately after the debate or (as is true for the current results) in the first day(s) after the debate.
Senate debates this fall, and neither will be in Eugene.
After a 16-year absence, debates returned to presidential campaigning in 1976, The 1976 election, like the 1960 election, was a relatively close election, though it certainly did not appear that way at the beginning of the general election campaign.
Inside the Presidential Debates is worthwhile reading.