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Tuesday's meeting involves three different formats: questioning by moderator Bernard Ponsonby, cross–examination by the debaters themselves, and questions from the 350–member audience.
The judge awards one debater the win and provides each debater with speaker points.
Elinda Guri, a Socialist Party debater, said, "These debates are the end result of training to be constructive, build cases and refute arguments without being offensive.
The 90-minute showdown in Denver -- the first of three televised Obama-Romney encounters in October that will set the tone for the final month of the presidential campaign -- will feature two experienced and competent debaters who are at their best in scripted settings.
Debaters are allowed to research subjects prior to the competition, but on the day are confined to a room with their notes and supplied books and are denied internet access.
gathered the most votes - 18 million of them - was a great debater and a great campaigner," Fiorina said.
The founder and longtime editor of National Review, gifted debater, author, and columnist seemed in the 1960s to be the country's only erudite, witty conservative.
Ahfad has successfully won the cup, student Jihad Abu Nafisa, school of Medicine got the prize of the best debater.
In the last two weeks of the campaign, he rose in the challenge, making his best speeches, even beating Hubert Humphrey in a debate when Humphrey was widely considered the party's ablest and most articulate debater.
Admitted to the prestigious Boston Latin school as a seventh grader, he is remembered even today by classmates and teachers as a highly competent student, debater and writer who could be seen reading Foreign Affairs and the Congressional Record during public transportation trips to and from school.
Shanker's intellect and skills as a debater were backed by a forceful personality and real-world power.
Kyl explained that good lawyers can defend either side, and that as a college debater he: was taught to argue opposite positions.
I was not asked to evaluate the presidential debate as a student, a political analyst, or an affiliate of either party, but as a debater, focusing to some extent on the arguments, but more on delivery and presentation.
Takashi Fukaya, the new international trade and industry minister, is known as an aggressive Diet debater and earned the nickname "Mr.