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Synonyms for debatable

Synonyms for debatable

Synonyms for debatable

open to doubt or debate

open to argument or debate

capable of being disproved


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Her statement -- taken from a response to an analogy that Lawrence Schiffman of New York University had drawn between issues of Jewish identity and sectarianism in first century Palestine and debatably comparable situations in the contemporary United States -- seems, in context, rather modest and specific to the matter at hand.
Debatably reflective of both Scorsese's hard-won ability to get such projects made and his age and related, lessening time, this nevertheless reverberates symptomatically with the larger representational problematic that constitutes its context.
9) Although the reasons for Tornabuoni's and Lorenzo's sympathies for the vernacular are debatably more complex, most Tornabuoni scholars do agree that she exerted great influence over her son Lorenzo's literary interests, to the extent that Bill Kent ventures that Tornabuoni and her teenage son became "literary collaborators.
He is debatably the fastest pianist in the world and has created his own "continuous music"--an exquisite layering of harmonic overtones and melodies.
41 instead, ameliorating a debatably awkward stress on the word Si (as with Ou in figure 11, a problem that the earliest printings exacerbate in each case, probably in an attempt to soften the squareness of the autograph rhythm).
The 1960s saw an enormous and radical change for much of the housing in the Teesside area, some for the better and some debatably not so.
Thus, this state intervention, the granting of amnesty or temporary legal status to undocumented immigrants, debatably was intended to be a "homogenizing agent which acts as a possible resource for more progressive gender politics" (Kandiyoti 376).
In his sympathetic study of Percival, Clifford Kinvig suggested it was in captivity that Percival's moral qualities and personal courage shone through most clearly, and perhaps, more debatably, that they were evident to all ranks in the close confinement of the prison camps.
Unremittingly silly yet containing real pace, this is an ill-advised, debatably insensitive--indeed, almost unworkable--project, skillfully executed.
10) Debatably, those social rights are exactly the sort of outcomes of democracy that the poorer and lower educated sectors of a population value most.
Needless to say, many nouns of this subclass of neuter a-stems do not satisfy these, or similarly reasonable, criteria for inclusion, which increases the significance of the total of 15 items in the noun corpus (a number otherwise debatably small).
The openers added 71 before Westwood (46, 71 balls) was adjudged, debatably, to have edged Calum Thorpe.
More to the point, the monetary determinants of aggregate demand remained free from major shocks during the S&L crisis, and the one possible macroeconomic ripple was debatably the minor recession of 1990-91 (Ely 2008; Stigum 1990, 387-90; U.
race (as color) and the other, religion, culture, and debatably perhaps, ethnicity" (Newton 9).
Debatably, one shortcoming of this essentially qualitative study was that the relationship between various social contingency factors and stress was not considered.