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Synonyms for debatable

Synonyms for debatable

Synonyms for debatable

open to doubt or debate

open to argument or debate

capable of being disproved


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In particular, Debatable Humor focuses on the numerous candidate debates conducted during the 2008 presidential primaries.
What is perhaps debatable is how the concept of altruism [unselfish concern for the well being of others] is adopted by corporate entities," she said.
The debatable lands investigated in this volume are delightfully various.
In this scholarly but very readable and interesting book, we learn about Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677) the singer, composer, businesswoman and associate of the Venetian elite, whose talents were so similar to those of courtesans, that her true profession is debatable.
However, in some theories of thinking, that's a debatable notion: There are grounds for arguing that an idea can only be as perfect as its transmission.
Whether the lack of preparedness to anticipate and deal with risk reflects misplaced confidence or ignorance is debatable," David Foreman, chief underwriting officer at Lloyd's insurer Wellington, said in a statement.
It is debatable whether these regulations give rise to an exchange to a debtor for Sec.
While I agree with some of Clarke's points, the foreign aid issue is debatable.
The 45-year-old took charge of Celtic's 4-3 win over Juventus in the Champions League in 2001 - and even awarded the Hoops a debatable penalty.
When that breaking point is reached is debatable but the slaughter of innocents on 9/11 and the promise of more to come convinced many Humanists that that point had been reached.
Chalmers goes one step further and compares the United States to the Roman Empire, an analogy that others have made but remains debatable.
The common belief that distilled water can leach minerals from your body due to its pureness is debatable.
Though his contributions toward Newton's work are debatable, Hooke was an accomplished, if feisty, scientist.
Whereas the comparison with Erasmus is insightful, especially with regard to the status of the vernacular languages, the opposition between Paracelsus and humanism seems based on a debatable definition of the humanist movement as represented solely by the Dutch scholar (105).