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NNA - Hezbollah categorically deplored in a statement on Wednesday the brutal crimes committed by the criminal and Takfiri gangs, the so- called Daash, against Iraqi citizens, using the ugliest, debasing methods of murder.
Mutahidoun bloc decided to file a suit against the person who was charged of debasing Prophet's companies, calling the government to announce its stand on the question.
Although they have been very successful at debasing their currencies, they have missed a very key point.
In our world obsession and neurosis are barometers of dedication, dieting unto starvation, dancing on injuries, complaining and debasing ourselves whether in truth or for show.
He has spent a good deal of his life encouraging industrial production and jobs to leave our shores, shoveling taxpayer-funded welfare to corrupt foreign governments, debasing our currency, peddling influence, doing an end run around the Constitution, and damaging our national sovereignty by encouraging trade with an aggressive Communist Chinese government whose business interests are controlled by its military machine.
Business development bosses have been accused of neglecting and debasing manufacturing and apprenticeships.
Storr goes on to say that my attack on Jonathan Kandell's Times obituary of Jacques Derrida is on target, but then uses this as an opportunity to attack me for in like fashion debasing the critical standards of Artforum.
Debasing the dollar seems to be a cheap, politically attractive way to address huge financial and trade imbalances in the global economy.
Griffith's notorious film portrays the overthrow of debasing black rule in the Reconstructionist South through the rise of the Ku Klux Klan.
I know he's capable of debasing another human being, especially women.
The present incumbent has only succeeded in debasing the office, treating it as just another sideline without lending it any of the concern or consideration required of the holder of the position.
Among others, consideration was given to the debasing of money, and that in two ways: First, by doubling the value of existing money, the king gained a good deal: half of the entire sum, which was huge--a great profit in the situation
The book reveals a seminary underworld where sexual harassment and homosexual promiscuity are commonplace, and where the chaste seminarian is marginalized and submitted to intrusive and debasing psychological evaluations.
Adorno argues that fetishization of cultural commodities leads to a sacrifice of individuality and the debasing of humanity.
What Havenstein means by her title, however, is not the appropriation of Browne's texts for democratic -- or the Good Old Cause's, or proto-Whig -- purposes: "Democratizing," for her is synonymous with debasing and cheapening, regardless of the politics involved.